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Title:Bally Abu Dhabi
Category:Designer Clothing
Description:Bally is a world famous company leader for leather products, which has an elegant style sense in making the best shoes, clothing and accessories. The company was started by Carl Franz Bally when he started his business of shoe making to manufacture and deliver the best of class and elegant footwear’s that were handmade. Currently, the company is not only involved in making shoes but also in making the best stylish clothing for men and women, wallets and handbags, coats, jackets and pullovers as well as many other products. The brand has gained immense popularity and the company is one of the leading manufacturers and best sellers of shoes with over two million pairs sold in a year’s time. Bally has its stores located worldwide and has its presence in Abu Dhabi with one store located in Etihad towers of Abu Dhabi.