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Being the second largest city in UAE, Abu Dhabi can surely be called the “Dream Island” for shopping lovers. This is an ideal place for people who like to spend time in malls looking for their choice of clothes or products or even just doing window-shopping.

Abu Dhabi offers a wide range of stores and outlets in different malls, each mall having a speciality of its own. The city houses a diverse set of malls, from ultra modern malls selling latest brands of products and commodities, to small outlets selling traditional spices and perfumes. The city gives you a choice, to choose from one of the best malls in the world and find anything and everything in one place.

Most malls are open from a 10am to 10pm in regular days and may extend closing time on weekends. However, the timings vary on two exceptional occasions - Ramadan and Eid during which the shops close in and open in evening all the way till midnight.

Shopping Malls
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